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It's Purple now...
 seraphim_0 - (alakazzandra)
10:54pm 15/02/2007
Adrienne posting in Seraphim Zero!
...Because he pwns you all, bitches! HA!
mood: pleasedpleased
music: Last Exile--Cloud Age Symphony
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(no subject)
09:10pm 18/02/2007 (UTC)
Marie the Ninja
I don't know, red's pretty badass with her sword. I mean, it's not every day that you find a sword that can shoot fire at enemies.
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(no subject)
09:27pm 18/02/2007 (UTC)
How 'bout this for a fire-shooting blade? And I've found that with damn near every character I've had in every variant containing that artifact! Plenty of RPGs have that. And besides, Purple can kick plenty of ass wo/swords!
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(no subject)
09:31pm 18/02/2007 (UTC)
Marie the Ninja
(stares in awe at the ultimate nerdiness) you MUST be seraphim purple!
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